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Flatter Your Shape with the Right Lingerie

We all devote a great deal of time and effort to choosing our clothing but perhaps not so much to what lies beneath! This is a shame because finding the perfect lingerie will improve your confidence and the look of your outer wear. Even if nobody is going to see it, great lingerie will help you to feel good about yourself whilst improving the way your clothing fits and you can eliminate visible lines too. Lingerie should accentuate your best assets, draw attention away from problem areas and bring balance to your silhouette.

The trouble is that we are all individuals! No two bodies are exactly the same. The under garments that flatter one women won't work at all for others. Don't despair though because there are great styles for everyone! To one extent or another we all fall into one of a small number of body types. If you can identify your shape then you are on the way to choosing the lingerie that will leave you feeling fabulous! Here are our recommendations.

The Pear

Pear shaped women are narrower on the top and have broad hips and generous bottoms. Think Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. This is a very feminine shape with natural curves. If you are a pear then you can use lingerie to improve the balance of your silhouette by creating the illusion of width in your upper torso and drawing the eye upwards. Choosing briefs which narrow your hips will also help. Bandeau bras create width whilst bras with strong colours, patterns or frills draw the eye up and divert attention away from your lower body. Briefs which have side panels in a dark shade but a lighter centre panel will magically narrow your hips and high cut legs will elongate your body.

Fantasie Hayley Briefs in Black with centre panel
For the Pear: Try the Fantasie Hayley Briefs with darker side panels and lighter centre panel and higher cut legs

The Apple

Apples carry weight around their midriffs which produces a rounded appearance. They need lingerie that narrows the waist and elongates the torso. Corsets are a great choice if you are an apple as they really cinch you in at the waist but you may not feel like wearing a corset every day. It is crucial to provide good lift for the bust as this will accentuate the waist, so look for push up and balconette bras. V necks lengthen the look of your body so camisoles with this cut will flatter your shape and also cover your stomach. Briefs with a high waist will cover your tummy, shapewear will help to flatten your stomach and briefs with high cut legs will create the illusion of longer legs which in turn make you look slimmer.

Triumph Amourette Charm Maxi Brief in Clear Ocean
For the Apple: Try the Triumph Amourette Charm Maxi Brief with higher waist and higher cut leg

The Carrot

Gosh it sounds like we talking about the local greengrocers or cockney rhyming slang although our apples and pears have nothing to do with stairs! Comparisons with fruit and veg may not sound very flattering but they are useful in determining your body shape! Ladies who are carrot shaped have broad shoulders and narrower lower bodies and so are like an inverted triangle. Cameron Diaz is a great example. If you are a carrot then focus first on narrowing those shoulders. It is important to avoid strapless styles as you need something to break up the shoulder area. Wider straps are a great idea and a pretty chemise will also work well. You can create a better balance with your hip area by choosing briefs which are plain and a single colour. Low rise briefs will help to create a little width.

Gossard Glossie Blue Briefs in blue
For the Carrot: Try the Gossard Glossie Blue Briefs with low rise in single plain colour

The Short Torso

Finally we have moved away from the fruit and veg! Some women have a disproportionately short upper body but it is easy to address this issue with good lingerie. Choose plunge bras or camisoles with plunging necklines to lengthen the appearance of your torso. Avoid briefs with a high waist at all costs and opt for hipsters and low cuts but with the high legs that that make you look taller.

Sloggi Weekend Hipster Brief in skin colour
For the Short Torso: Try the Sloggi Weekend Hipster Brief with lower waist and higher cut legs

The Long Torso

Perhaps you have a long upper body in comparison to the length of your legs. No problem! Look for bralets and halter neck styles that visually reduce the length of your upper body and partner these with high waisted briefs that have high cut legs. Simple!

Triumph Amourette Magic Wire Brief in blue
For the Long Torso: Try the Triumph Amourette Magic Wire Brief with higher waist and high cut legs

The Ruler

No we are not talking about a natural leader although you might be one of those too, especially if you feel fabulous in your chosen lingerie. We are talking about ladies who lack natural curves! In other words those who are more Kate Moss than Marilyn Monroe. Rulers should choose styles that narrow the waist, broaden the hips and create volume in the bust area. The best briefs are low rise designs with high cut legs, especially those which dip in the centre panel. Lingerie with lots of detail and funky patterns is great as it draws attention away from the waist. Padded bras and plunge bras work well and corsets will create the curves that you lack. Rulers can feel that they lack femininity which isn't the case but if you do feel that way then choose pieces with pretty, feminine details like lace, scallop edges and fills.

Fantasie Nadine Brief in Black
For the Ruler: Try the Fantasie Nadine Brief with lower waist and detailing

The Flat Chest

If you lack volume then fear not! Padded bras can work wonders and you can draw the eye to the bra rather than what is under it by choosing patterned styles and those with lots of frills and texture. Avoid high waisted knickers and stick to low cut, skimpy styles that create balance between your hip area and your bust.

Gossard Superboost Plunge Bra in blue
For the Flat Chest: Try the Gossard Superboost Plunge Bra with push-up pads

The Full Chest

Many women yearn for bigger boobs but those who already have them understand how problematic they can be! It is essential for ladies with fuller chests to choose bras which provide good support and which fit perfectly otherwise your breasts could sag making your midriff look bigger. Sagging boobs will also create the illusion of a shorter torso. A badly fitting bra will produce lumps and bumps in all of the wrong places! Look for full cup bras with wide straps for the cleanest silhouette. Wear matching briefs to create balance and avoid knickers with high waists as these styles partnered with an ample chest will make your body look shorter.

Freya Dreamcatcher Underwired Bra
For the Full Chest: Try the Freya Dreamcatcher Underwired Bra with full cups and wider straps

The Perfect Body

We all have an idea of what the perfect body is but in reality there is no such thing. Even if there was, those who were lucky enough to have it would still have areas that concerned them. That's just human nature. It would also be true to say that few people conform exactly to the body types we have mentioned. The hourglass figure is generally considered to be the perfect shape but you can be an hourglass and still have a disproportionately large bust or features that you dislike. Most women are a combination of traits that form a unique body. You could be a pear with a fuller bust, you could be a carrot with a long torso. The trick is to make the most of your vegetables, oops we mean assets, and to minimise the impact of your problem areas.

We have given you a few hints as to what to look for in your lingerie but the best results will probably require a little trial and error. Whatever you need we have a fabulous range to choose from here at Bra Shop UK. We offer the best styles from the world's leading labels including Triumph, Lepel, Fantasie, Freya and Charnos.

Great lingerie truly improves both the way you look and the way you feel so make the most of what you have by treating yourself to the finest underwear because you're worth it!


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